Computer Digital Forensic Engineer / Examiner

Cleveland, Ohio, United States · Computer Forensics


SecureData, Inc. is looking for highly motivated, qualified professionals to fill a Computer Forensic Engineer position on a team of Digital Forensic Engineers in Cleveland, Ohio and Washington DC office locations. Become an integral part of a diverse team while working on innovative projects that offer opportunities for advancement.

Qualified candidates must perform tasks to support SecureData, Inc digital computer forensics and e-discovery solutions by collecting, analyzing and interpreting digital data residing on networks and data storage devices (Laptops, Mobile Devices, Servers, Workstation and similar) while following strict protocols in order to produce reports that may be used later in legal proceedings.


Candidates are expected to bring expert-level knowledge in the field of Digital Forensics for some or all of the subject listed below:

Qualifications (Key Skills/Experience):


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